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Thelma Wells, affectionately known as Mama T, penned her words just as she spoke, endearing herself to readers who felt an instant kinship upon cracking open one of her books. With a fervent passion and a divine grace, she sought to impart the love of God, vividly reflected in her infectious laughter and sagacious counsel, to readers of all ages. 

Each page resonated with authenticity, drawing from her own life experiences and those of her acquaintances, all while staying firmly grounded in the Word. Although many of her works are now out of print, you may still discover them tucked away on Amazon's virtual shelves. 

Books (See below)

Don't Give In, God Wants You to Win

God is Not Through With Me Yet

What's Going On Lord?

God, I'm Ready to Walk in Faith

Listen Up, Honey

Girl, Have I Got Good News for You

The Buzz

Ready to Win Over Depression

Ready to Win Over Worry and Anxiety

God Give Me Victory Over Anger

The Best Devotions of Thelma Wells

God Is Not Through with Me Yet

God Will Make A Way