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Mama T Newsletter

Thanksgiving Edition


Memorial Service

This special Thanksgiving issue is focused on a husband and wife team that stands for taking God at his Word.  They believed against the odds for complete recovery and received what they believed.

Kennard &

Holly Haggerty

Read their story.

Listen to their story.

Kennard and Holly Haggerty are one in faith, family, spirit and marriage. They tell their story of fighting Kennard's illness and diagnosis in faith that God was bigger than any illness, any sickness, any diagnosis -- together they saw God work a miracle and restore Kennard's health and bless he's music ministry. Their story will inspire you to believe in the GOD who heals!

Support Marsaille on

her mission trip to Uganda

in April 2023.  Funds needed to secure trip and your payment will go directly to the mission group. 

If you missed Mama T's Tribute Memorial Service, you may still see it here. Read her bio and you'll know that she was THE QUEEN BEE of MINISTRY!

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Memorial Service
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