In Christ, You Can 'Bee' Your Best!

The Motto that Mama T lived fully every day of her life and legacy.


For more than four decades, Thelma Wells embarked on a global journey, gracing pulpits, conferences, conventions, corporate gatherings, universities, financial institutions, and various organizations around the world with her impactful speeches.

Thelma's calling from God traces back to her childhood. Despite facing adversity—like being confined to a closet as a young girl—her narrative brims with love and hope. While many would have succumbed to discouragement and resentment, Thelma discovered God's presence in the darkness of that closet. From there, she embarked on a mission to illuminate others on how to cultivate joy even in life's most confining spaces.

Experience Thelma's remarkable life journey through her captivating CD, "HIS GLORIOUS GRACE," where she shares her inspiring story of resilience and faith.


Thelma Wells, affectionately known as Mama T, penned her words just as she spoke, endearing herself to readers who felt an instant kinship upon cracking open one of her books. With a fervent passion and a divine grace, she sought to impart the love of God, vividly reflected in her infectious laughter and sagacious counsel, to readers of all ages.

Thelma Wells commanded attention whenever she spoke, her voice resonating with the unmistakable presence of a living and vibrant God guiding her path. With laughter as her companion, she fearlessly shared tales of her own struggles and the divine interventions that saw her through every trial. 

Thelma Wells Radio and Podcast

Affectionately known as Mama T, Thelma Wells left an indelible mark through her uplifting songs and inspirational audio recordings. She blazed a trail long before the term "podcast" came into vogue, with her pioneering "Spoon Full of Honey" radio show reaching audiences worldwide, including Christian university campuses, igniting the spirit of "Bee Your Best!