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I've been on TV in some capacity since the eighties and I've learned a lot.

One thing is to always speak from your heart. Your story is what people want to hear.  It's your life and how you've struggled and overcome that inspires others the most.  Secondly, be yourself.  I love to talk and make people laugh -- so my style made others call me "Mama T" and I love it. So, just be you.  And thirdly, and most importantly of Christian TV, back what you're saying with the Word of God. God has an answer for every situation -- so apply his Word and help others "live a life more abundantly."  Love you and Welcome! - Mama T

Behold, the Lord has proclaimed to the end of the earth: Say to the daughter of Zion, “Behold, your salvation comes; behold, his reward is with him, and his recompense before him.” Isaiah 62:11

TV Hosts 

Hi!  Here's a checklist to help you get up and running asap!  


You'll need:

  • Co-Hosts.  Their contribution is $39.00.  So send them to this link to join.  thelmawells.com/co-hosts.

  • Equipment.  You won't need much, but here's Zoom's recommended list and here's mine. (download)

  • High speed internet.  If you have a good cell phone then you'll be able to connect just fine. NOTE:  Turn OFF the Wi-Fi during the call and just use cellular​

  • Meet with your co-hosts prior to taping.  The easiest way is through a teleconference line (freeconferencecall.com or sign up for your free Zoom account at www.zoom.us) This meeting is to discuss the topic for your upcoming taping and assign scriptures or invite guests.

  • Schedule a Pre-taping Production Zoom with Producer, Vikki Wells (213.713.0260 Text please). During this taping, Vikki will evaluate each hosts lighting, audio and video quality as well as their set-up and internet speed.

  • Schedule weekly or monthly tapings.  Each taping session is 30 minutes each although your show segment shouldn't be more than 20.  Vikki will keep you on track.

Things Vikki will need:

  • Your show title.

  • Your name (just as you want it to appear) and each show co-hosts' name and title or social. Example: Vikki Wells / Producer.

  • High res photo(s).

  • Your ideas to create a 10 second show open and close (credits).


Please email all the above at the same time to vikki@thatagirlspeakers.com (or use www.wetransfer.com if the email is too large.) 

Any Questions:

Feel free to reach out to Vikki at 213.713.0260 or by email at vikki@thatagirlspeakers.com.