[Gift Package #3] Capture Your Audience Through Storytelling (e-book) + Audio Teaching by Thelma Wells

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With the 12 GIFTS OF GOD Christmas promotion, you'll get Thelma Wells' popular ebook and her two-part audio teaching entitled, "Capture Your Audience Through Storytelling" in one gift!

Thelma says:

I wrote Capture Your Audience years ago before I was Mama T. During this phase of my life, I traveled globally speaking to corporations like IBM, Texas Instruments and the Internal Revenue Service, and quite frankly - I needed to keep them awake and interested. So, I told stories. When I became a Women of Faith speaker this training proved effective in delivering God's message to women in a down-to-earth loving way. As a result, the biggest compliment I get (besides Jesus shines through) is that "I'm so real - so authentic.".

  • What Point Do I Want to Make?
  • Do I know How to Tell a Story and Make it Powerful?
  • Will the Listeners Appreciate This Story?
  • Can I Illustrate the Point in an Effective Way without Telling a Story?
  • Where do I find Material?
  • Can I Use Other People's Stories?
  • Can I Overdo Storytelling?
  • Can My Stories Diminish My Credibility or Topic?
  • When is the Best Time During My Presentation to Tell A Story?
  • Am I Involving the Listeners As a Part of the Story?
  • Am I Creating a Climax with Resolutions?
  • Will the Climax Challenge, Arouse and/or Impact the Listener the Way I Desire?ll be provided upon successful registration.
  • Will the Resolution Enable the Listener to Learn New Concepts, Gain Insights or Develop a New Attitude?
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