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[Gift Package #2] Girl, Have I Got Good News For You (e-book) & It Hurts too Deep to Forgive (MP3) + Participants Handbook

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Women today are constantly juggling the never-ending demands of work, family, church, and life in general. The pace never slows, and the consequences are often discouragement, disappointment, and an overwhelming sense of failure. Not only do the demands never stop, but much of the time, life just doesn't go the way we had planned. We face difficulties and dilemmas that seem insurmountable.

So how can we prepare to meet these trials and tribulations as God would have us do? Thelma Wells has biblical answers that speak directly to a woman's heart.

As an African-American woman born during the days of segregation, Wells learned her early life lessons through hardship, oppression, and personal loss. Stamped with her unique blend of humor, honesty, and compassion, Girl, Have I Got Good News for You is Thelma Wells' guide to healing and wholeness for Christian women today.

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