Do you need a good TV platform to share your non-profit's story?

For over 50 years Mama T has operated A Woman of God Ministries and she knows that it's not easy to find a good TV audience that's affordable to share your mission and passion. 

But, now you can.  Your story will be told on her NEW TV network reaching over 5k viewers a month.  

  • Tell your story through a short commercial like video or through a long-PR video on Thelma TV.

  • It will play as an advertisement on the network.

  • Viewers will watch it as it streams on the prestigious Amazon FireTV Platform.

  • Viewers will also see it on Mama T's channels on Cross TV, iTunes Video,  FaceBook, and YouTube.

  • You will reach Thelma's faithful Women of Faith audience and viewers.

  • Additionally, you will be interviewed by Mama T to help support and promote your organization.

Set-up fee (standard across short or long sponsorships.)
Up to 1-minute short sponsorship. 
Long-form TV show-like sponsorship.