Have a NEW Book you need to promote to Women?

Mama T isn't a stranger to this and knows you have to get the word out so others can be blessed by your story.

Now, on her NEW network, you can promote your book!

  • It will be seen in a video slideshow format or a 30-second commercial.

  • It will play as an advertisement on the network.

  • Viewers may watch you NEW book promo as it streams on the prestigious Amazon FireTV Platform.

  • Viewers will also see your program on Cross TV, iTunes Video,  FaceBook, and YouTube.

  • You will reach Thelma's faithful Women of Faith audience and viewers.

  • Additionally, you will be interviewed by Mama T to help support and promote your NEW book.

Promotion Price: $49 for 1-month TV promotion
Just submit your video and we'll
take care of the rest.  
Optional Price for us to develop your book video $279 

Thanksgiving Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer to first 10 book promoters. Price goes up $100 per monthly ad when the Special ends.